Best Agro is a new generation team. With the reputation in the name of Best Agro, team is made up of 28 veterinarians who experience in animal health product for years. Experts in specific fields are positioned to work in the special fields. Livestock farms are technically serviced by standardized farm veterinarians. Famous farm consultants in Thailand are always a part of team to solve and improve farm performance. Nutritionist is for consulting in feed formula. Companion animal products are continuously initiated by specialized veterinarians well skilled in marketing and distributing the products.

Moreover, we realize that in new future, Team must enlarge to support the companys growth. Staff is frequently trained and acknowledged in order to promptly work in an advanced position. We participate in various courses of training, and then apply them in daily life practices to fulfill customers needs. The growth of us must mutually result from the improvement of our customers.

Customers are classified into 2 groups according to animal species, which are livestock animals and companion animals. More than 600 accounts of livestock animal farm are active and around 500 active accounts are animal hospitals, animal clinics and pet shops. The fine detail of customers is as follows. 

  • More than 1,000 sow farms are around 600 accounts,
  • 500-1,000 sow farms are around 200 accounts,
  • Less than 500 sow farms are around 200 accounts,
  • Animal hospitals are around 100 accounts,
  • Animal clinics are around 400 accounts, and 
  • Pet shops are around 150 accounts.

A large number of reliable customers we service, the quality of product is the first priority to be selected to the company. We only use the right products to penetrate into customers needs. In addition, it is unavoidable to provide technical services, offer attractive sales promotions, and control on-time delivery.

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